Our first project is a Cancer Treatment Centre to be sited in Lagos. We have recently purchased Six (6) plots of land in Epe area of Lagos for this project. The land was secured with funds received from our donors who have been very supportive towards this project.

This cancer treatment center will be a holistic and up-to-date  one hundred bed center with wards for males, females and children. It will be equipped with a state of the art laboratory; CT scan machines; MRI machines; mammograms; radiotherapy suites; chemotherapy suites; a well-stocked pharmacy along with consulting rooms and ancillary lounges all aimed at ensuring early and accurate diagnosis, treatment and post treatment care of people with cancer.
It will be manned by well experienced medical personnel with affiliation to cancer management, foreign and home-based.

We are grateful to our friends and family that came out and supported this project when nobody believed that it will see the light of the day.
For this Center, which shall save millions of lives upon completion, to be a success all hands are needed on deck here.  we are therefore asking anyone committed to public good that can donate to please do so let us save lives and also prove that Nigeria and Africa can do it and who knows who this center may save tomorrow.

Visit our Donate page or click on any Donate button anywhere on the site to sow a seed with your widow’s mite and God will keep Cancers away from you and yours.